A Masterpiece of Luxury and Innovation Unveiled on Dream Homes Revealed


Step into one of our masterpieces, as showcased on “Dream Homes Revealed.”

Dream Homes Revealed” highlights the luxury, innovation, and timeless design of our home in a captivating video tour.

Prepare to be inspired by the epitome of dream living. Watch the video now!

Welcome to the house. I see this beautiful sky. Absolutely, we love you very much. We’ve landed into this incredible kitchen space. I really liked the timber batten detail. And I guess you’ve got that ceiling drop over the kitchen area, probably allowing you to have task lighting and more of a sense of being enclosed compared to the rest of the space. That’s 100% true, because I know the client quite well. She loves white, clean, and minimalist designs.

You’ve had a long-standing relationship with the client through the design process, almost navigating the design journey together. Absolutely. With the client’s brief on that entry experience, we wanted to create a sense of surprise before walking into the house and opening up the entire space. The team has done an amazing job. There’s no doubt. The open spaces, natural light, tall ceilings, big windows, and lots of glass make it a dream come true. The architecture, finishes, layout, and pool all blend together perfectly. We made a good team, which is the main thing. Sky is a fantastic designer, and Campbell made great selections to complement the design.

I wanted something that embraced indoor-outdoor living, sympathetic to the environment and surrounding nature. I love open plans, and the U-shaped layout is very functional. I can’t believe it’s come together so beautifully. The ceiling heights are impressive. How high are they? Four meters. It’s quite tall for a single-story house, but the intention was to bring in a lot of natural light through floor-to-ceiling glass, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.

I can see the beautiful courtyard. I can imagine the homeowner enjoying drinks or a catch-up there, starting with a cocktail and moving to the pool, which feels like an artwork. Let’s head out there and have a look. Yes, why not? Let’s go.

Sky, what a courtyard. I imagine this was a central idea in your design. The entire design is a U-shaped layout with two wings on the left and right. My client wanted privacy but also the ability to overlook the kids, which is lucky considering the beautiful view that connects back to our design. I have another beautiful space to show you. Let’s go.

Welcome to the moon suite. I love it, Sky. It’s so bright and serene. This bedroom is a calm space, especially with the daybed where one can sit and read, creating a tranquil area. Do the other bedrooms have daybeds as well? Yes, every bedroom is designed with a daybed connected to the lap pool. I admired the door detail as we walked through. Opening up the full-height glass brings in natural light and connects indoor and outdoor spaces. We have a skylight that enhances this effect.

I think you’ve had a really successful project outcome here. Thank you for showing me through. My pleasure. I’ve really enjoyed this home tour and showing how the synergy of a dedicated builder, architect, and client can create a beautiful outcome.


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Richie Ferri

Richie Ferri

Richie has 20 years experience in the construction industry. As well as being a licensed builder, Richard is also a qualified carpenter with a dedicated eye for detail. Along with Richard’s extensive experience in the industry, he has also developed processes to ensure the construction runs on schedule, the final product is at a high standard and your home is built to last.
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